12 JUN Introduction to Esalen Massage – with Nora Matten

Esalen Massage™ is best known for its long flowing strokes, and quality of touch and contact. When touch is connected to our sensing and feeling nature, massage can move beyond technique into the art of healing.

Esalen Massage™has been developed at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur CA for the past 45 years. In association with the Esalen Massage and Bodywork Association (EMBA) Nora Matten is bringing this effective healing practice to Sweden. During this 26 hour workshop she will present the basic principles of Esalen Massage, including

breath awareness
long flowing strokes over the whole body
joint mobilization
passive movement and
light stretches

We will explore the profound effect touching with presence, sensitivity, and listening hands has on another being.

A daily yoga, dance/movement or meditation practice will support our study of massage and help bring more awareness and presence into our immediate experience. From this deepened contact with ourselves, we will move into practicing creative variations of Esalen™ Massage strokes, both gentle and deep. We will learn to move in an effortless flow over the whole body, listening and responding to the receiver.

Each session becomes a wavelike dance of, breath and movement, giving and receiving. Massaging in this way helps us to release the stresses of everyday life and reconnect to the source of our being, leaving both the receiver and giver with a sense of presence, deep relaxation, wholeness, and vibrant well – being.

The workshop is suitable for those who would like to explore the art of touch for the first time as well as bodyworkers who would like to integrate Esalen Massage into their practice.

This workshop is a also recommended for those interested in the Esalen Massage Certification Training for practitioners (100 hours).

You can find more information about our amazing Nora Matten here:
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Nora Matten – Esalen Massage & Bodywork, Dance & Yoga

Nora will be assisted by Jessica Enevold Certified Esalen Massage Therapist at Esalen Massage Karlskrona who also is the organizer and contact person in Sweden.

Esalen Massage Workshop includes 26 hours of tuition, daily movement/mediation practice, all meals, snacks and shared accommodation at beautiful Skärva Herrgård by the water front of Karlskrona Archipelago. There will be three vegetarian/vegan meals per day.

Early Bird Special:
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Cost: 5900 SEK
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Cost: 6500 SEK