4: e February What do you need to know now? Ask your MUSE!

Light your creative fire! – GLOBAL MUSE DAY in KARLSKRONA!
This is one of several daylong intuitive painting jams taking place more or less simultaneously around the globe to light the FUSE of your MUSE!

Initiated by and together with Shiloh Sophia and the Intentional Creatives Guild, Jessica Enevold launch four global MUSE-days at Gefion Art Studio in 2017. See also:

Shiloh Sophia, Artist and Maestra behind the Intentional Creativity Method will be teaching in California, USA, as will other teachers in for example Paris, France, New Mexico and Oregon, USA, and and we will check in with them online during our process to see what they are up to and to join them in global community. Most of all, we will paint and meet our MUSES!

The question we will bring to the canvas today is:


WHY? Perhaps there is something you need to do, some­ thing you need to change, but you do not know exactly what. Perhaps you have decided to move on from/to a business or creative project, a relation­ship, a job, or place of living, but ask yourself where to? or How? What path to choose? Most of the time you have the answers to these questions yourself, but you are not always able to hear yourself clearly. You cannot see the forest for all the trees, as it were. Are you on your way and need greater clarity? Do you want to access your inner campass and get “out of the woods”? Come paint your inner GPS, your personal critic and guide, your “muse”, in this work­shop with me.

We start at 10 and go on until approx. 19.00
We begin with a Red Thread Circle Café, checking everybody in mentally and physically, letting you know about the process, ABove alll we paint and work with inquiry and visionings, and we take time to check in with our international collaborators in the rest of the world!
We always end with a circle to share the process and “check out”.

There will be coffee and tea, and chocolate of course. Snacks and drinks are included, but do bring a lunch on Saturday.

by emailing: info@gefionarthouse.com .for content details – email: jess@gefionartstudio.com
if you cannot make it this day send me an email to RSVP and announce your interest for upcoming MUSE-days!
There will be a MUSE-Sunday April 9, and two MUSE-Saturdays (JUNE 10, and September 30). I also have other workshops – not coinciding with the global ones that you might be interested n – check my events!

Since this is the first year of GLOBAL MUSE DAYS, we offer this workshop for 750:- SEK (ordinary price 1500:-) including drinks and snacks and materials. You can Swish or use paypal.me.
RSVP to info@gefionarthouse.com

English or Swedish, depending on who joins us! Or both!

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