Artist Statement  

”Whenever I get somewhere,
a poet has been there first”
– Sigmund Freud

As I have grown taller and wiser, I have begun to grasp the immense power of art.

I have arrived here through deep seeking, by doing empirical research, theoretical investigations, spending years on personal development, longing and soul searching.

I got here through visioning, everyday ethnography, meditation, bodywork, reading and textual analysis, working with photography, film, oil and acrylic paintings, community projects, three-dimensional objects, papers and performances, journaling, artist’s dates, inquiry, the Work, intuiting and checking in. 

I have grasped that art needs to be integrated with human everyday practice, and vice versa, so that as artist I might illustrate and interfere with power and gender asymmetries through creative action.

My work explores patterns, play and the personal; the universal, the immaterial and the spiritual. I strive to make unfathomable experiences, memories, mysteries and emotions visible and tangible. My art tends to include a touch of humor and a tint of magic realism.

I have been disturbed by the obstinately dualistic way I and others perceive existence. How can we understand the relations of ego, consciousness, mind, no-mind, body, soul, work, leisure, left-brain, right-brain?
Through and with art.

I have surrendered; I no longer try to separate my art practices from the rest of my life.
The seeker and disbeliever get to mingle with my cultural anthropologist, body-worker, teacher, editor, researcher and physical therapist. Together they actually seem to make up a much more interesting person for me to be: the intentional creative, the good and the bad girl, the legend, the Cosmic Cowgirl and the spaceship superstar.

Art has become my alchemy. It helps me process and bridge dualities, pain, and pleasure.
Art allows my analytic control-freak sceptic to dance with my visionary anarchist believer.
Creativity enables connection, becomes a vehicle for my intentions;
art and life become fused into a spectrum of healing practices.
Art turns the many long and winding paths and detours that I have taken in life into direct flights.
Being creative opens my sensitivity to inner marching orders and invites loving community exchange.
Art offers me immersion into, and sense-making of, the essence of being; it offers me ways of crafting form out of the unknown and tickets to journeys into the quantum field.
Art is my airline of choice and I am one of its proud stewardesses.
With my paints and brushes, I fly first class through the matrix of endless connections, refracting the incoming universe onto my canvas in exploding cascades of color.

I am here and I matter.

Art, I commit.