Read Thread Café

There are no scheduled Cafés right now, but if you join me for an event, we always start with one!

You are welcome to join me for red thread circle as part of any of my online courses. More Red Thread Cafés once we get out of these corona times!

Welcome to Red Thread Cafés

@ Gefion Art & Guest House


Red Thread Cafés at Gefion Art & Guest House are times for a meaningful “FIKA” by which we mean having a “check-in” and conversation with a specific intention while sipping good coffee, having a cup of tea or a glass of wine (optional). Creativity is always on the table!
The Red Thread Café is a circle held in Swedish or English – depending on who shows up.

Please be on time. Doors open up at 20 minutes before starting time, we grab our FIKA and at starting time we close the doors, so that we can start on the dot, respect peopl’s time schedules and not be interrupted once we start. A Café lasts about 1- 1,5 hours, depending on how many have joined.

Let us know you are coming by signing up no later than 24 hours before, please. However, if you wake up the same morning and feel you must join us, please send us an email to check that the event is still on!  You can use the “book” button to the left to email us. You can also register your participation on Facebook. Click the blue button to the left and navigate to EVENTS and go to the current Red Thread Café.
Bring a small notebook and a pen for some notes/scribbling/ to draw in. If you forget, we have some pens and paper here. You can also just take mental notes…

What is a Red Thread Circle?
A Red Thread Circle is a gathering of people coming together to share their threads of our common stories. Each circle has a theme or specific inquiry, sometimes with a small exercise, given by the person organizing the event. We sip on tea, coffee or other beverage of choice (see below) and listen to each other, then we come together in conversation.

Why Red Thread?
We actually use a red thread, literally a ball of red yarn and pass it around the circle to each person. When the red thread comes to you, you hold the thread in your hand and take a turn to speak and be heard. At the end of the circle, you take your piece of the Red Thread with you.

Most commonly you tie it on your wrist but you can place it anywhere: on a button, a necklace, your purse. It is a reminder of the circle and what was shared there. Many participants choose to wear their red thread until it falls off – it can become a very significant reminder. By creating the circle with intention, we weave ourselves and our stories together. Inside of that space, insight, healing and transformation become possible, which would not be possible in isolation.

What is the significance of the Red Thread?
The Red Thread is a global gender-inclusive symbol with whatever meaning you choose to bring to it, based on your intention. The circle leader usually shares some of the history and context of the red thread before passing it around. There are many Red Threads in traditions and stories throughout the world and most often it represents connection, protection and blessing.

When do you hold a Red Thread Circle Café?
As often as needed! We hold red thread circle at the beginning of every painting workshop – related to the theme of the workshop. In addition to the monthly or bimonthly public cafés, at Gefion Art House, we do a weekly, sometimes daily “café” to check in on what is important in our lives, how to deal with or understand issues, sad or happy, to answer questions and musings about relationships, work, the world, the goals and meaning of local or global events, and how to weave them into (or sometimes make them exit from) our daily lives in meaningful ways.

Who is circle for?
Although the tradition of the a red thread circle café came to us through Shiloh Shophia, artist and Color of Woman Founder, the red thread café is certainly not for just women and creatives, it is for anyone who knows they want to create space – sacred or secular – with and for others. From Doctors to Therapists to healers, to Social Workers to Lawyers to Pre-School Teachers to Elder Support to Domestic Violence Advocates to NGO’s across the world, and conscious Corporations, individuals, women, men, children.

The Red Thread Circle Café is a way for people to come together, join, listen and share thoughts, and knowledge. It has a profound capacity for connecting minds and hearts around what matters.

Cost: 100 SEK – but if you need to pay less, donate what you can. Your donation will cover the FIKA and our expenses for organizing the evening. We accept swish, cash and garden labour! 😉
Email us to register and for info via the book button on the left, or register via Facebook (go to our EVENTS) use the Facebook button to the left on this page.

If you want to leave a contribution via SWISH, open your app and scan the red QR-code below, and fill in your name, date and the amount or put this swish number in your address book for Gefion Art & guest House: 123 024 5589. All contributions are welcome – small or large. We also have a glass jar on location for cash and labor proposals!

Join us for our next Café!

Jess & Neil


Red Thread Circle as practiced by Dr. Jessica E. Duncan, is a version of circle practice passed on to her and her certified Intentional Creativity Teacher Colleagues by Shiloh Sophia of the Intentional Creativity Foundation & Cosmic Cowgirls, founder of the Color of Woman School, who co-created it with Sue Hoya Sellars & Caron McCloud. Dr. Jess’ cafés are also influenced by circle practices as practiced at Findhorn, Scotland and Esalen, California.
Jessica E. Duncan is a Certified Intentional Creativity Coach, Teacher, Visionary Painter, Ph.D., Cosmic Cowgirl, Eclectic Painter, and Independent Brain.

“I felt really hosted at Jessica’s Red Thread Café, not only in the space but also in conversation. There was quite a powerful connection among all of us.”


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