1.4. Dedicate a space-Build An Altarnative Installation

Brave One…

you have a reason for doing this. Perhaps you now even have a clearly formulated intent, perhaps not. All is good.

Whatever is the case, I suggest that you build a space somewhere within your painting space, for example, you can use flowers, trinkets, stones, feathers, aroma oils, or a candle in support of your intent. Some people put incense and little photographs, rocks or shells on their dedicated space, that some may call their “altar”. 

Your painting process is dedicated to you and your intent. You take it seriously. I do too.
I suggest you ritualize and mark your space of creativity with a small installation to honor yourself and your creative process.

I made one for my process, which I also do to honor your participation. I put flowers and a Chocolate paint brush on my altar – well… half a one… (I ate the other half) because they make me happy and don’t get me wrong, I take them very seriously! 
Building a dedicated space is, as said, a sign of taking ourselves seriously. We do serious, some call it sacred work, here, for ourselves and what we are trying to understand. We make an effort, and what we do matters.
This is one more way of working with Intentional Creativity, a way of shaping, putting into form, our intentions.

When I put a dedicated space together I offer goodies to my own creative spirit and I offer beauty to what I have chosen as my intent.

Build a dedicated space for your creative process, and while you are doing it, do it with the intention of building it as support for and witness of YOU and your intent during this Nitty-Gritty painting process.


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