I´ve always liked to try different types of massage, in Sweden but also traveling to China, Japan and India. I really enjoyed the treatments but the Esalen Massages I have had from Jessica have been quite a different experience. You’re going to ask me: what makes it so different?
I’m not sure how to answer that. Let me try…

There’s Esalen and there’s not-Esalen. 

The massage therapists’ present hands, the assuring long, flowing strokes. The caring, almost spiritual nature of the experience. The marvelous invisible interaction between the therapist and me, the massagee.
The healing nature of it all… for both body and soul.

That´s probably what makes it such a profound experience.
I sincerely recommend it.

Marie Dennegård

Director, Global Functional Manager, Volvo

Esalen® Massage – Karlskrona


I have been a Massage Therapist since 1988 and received my diploma from the Axelson Institute in Swedish Massage with trigger-point therapy and PNF-stretching (KAT in Swedish). To that practice I added Touch for Health, Applied kinesiology – bio-kinesiology and ESR (Emotional Stress Release) and Polarity Therapy. Over the years, I added moves picked up from other skilled therapist, among them Lucie Desmarais in Boulder, where I also learned to use AromaTherapy from Paula Kowalski. Lucie taught me some of her NeuroMuscular Therapy tricks (NMT), and also landed me a job with two different bike teams, making me a bodyworker on the road, as it were. Since 1995 I am also a certified Physical Therapist, but I do no longer practice as one; it is nevertheless helpful in my general practice.

Additional training

After an unusually long hiatus, where I kept my massage clientele to a minimum due to other engagements as a University Lecturer, I reopened my practice. In 2013 I completed the 100 hour Esalen® massage certification training. Then I added on advanced Esalen massage therapy with Nora Matten, Rob Wilks, and Perry and Johanna Holloman in 2015 at Esalen, California and at Findhorn, Scotland, learning more about Deep Bodywork and other advanced techniques, including energy work,  and giving a whole-body massage from the front.

What is Esalen massage?

Esalen® massage is a unique form of bodywork developed at Esalen Institute over the past 50 years. This technique is known for its long, integrating strokes and quality of touch, creating an experience of deep relaxation. Esalen® massage is a combination of many massage and bodywork techniques. The two main original influences were Swedish massage and the Sensory Awareness work of Charlotte Selver. Esalen® massage works with gentle rocking of the body, passive joint exercises and deep structural work on the muscles and joints, together with an energetic balancing of the body.

The banner image on this page is a photograph that I took during my Advanced Esalen Massage training at Findhorn Foundation Cluny Campus 2015. This afternoon was dedicated to deep energy work, as taught by Perry and Johanna Holloman. Definitely just as transformative as deep bodywork or long flowing strokes.


Esalen Massage Therapy in Karlskrona – is not open for business at the moment


My practice is located in Gefion Art & Guest House, Gefionv. 1.  Bookings are by appointment only. Please note that I am currently not accepting new clients, but I will certainly announce when I offer more sessions again. I am mainly focusing on my creative workshops and coaching at the moment.

How do I book?- New clients – SORRY – no new clients!

Want to try a professional therapeutic Esalen® and Swedish Massage?
Email me your interest or request an appointment with me and I will call you back.  I want to talk to you (all my new clients) before I book you in.  Since I offer individually tailored bodywork, I want to make sure to create a caring and safe environment for you as receiver and me as practitioner, and that you have an idea of what a therapeutic bodywork session consists of. Regular sessions are 75-90 minutes. Shorter or longer sessions are available upon request. Prices range from 850 SEK – 2000 SEK, depending on session time. Email me and ask.