This is a selection of works from my portfolio. Some are sold, others are waiting for the right owner. They range from small and conceptual to big acrylic- and oil paintings on wood. Feel free to contact me if something speaks to you.

A request: If you copy any of my works of art, please credit me and refer back to its source.  And, please, please, do not change or remix them or sell them, as you would then infringe on my copyright and the many hours of hard work and love I have put into creating these pieces. Thank you for your consideration. 
The paintings below represent a variety of styles, from realist, magic realist, mandala to visionary art. I have also inserted a work on textile and a still from a movie (bodywork), to give you an idea of the various genres I have worked with.

The visionary art originates from my work with Intentional Creativity. We paint “Muses”, inner guides. Want to paint one? Check workshops. Mandalas are in a way a guide as well, a meditative painting. The process generates insights, not unlike the ones reached while creating a MUSE-painting. Still, information is received in a very different way in an Intentional Creativity process. I also teach mandala painting. If you are interested, let me know, and I will organize a class. Sometimes I have guest teachers at Gefion Art House. Check the workshop page for current offerings. 

My magic realist paintings come in waves of inspiration. They emerge with my fascination for the inner lives of my fellow-human beings, which continue to be a mystery to me; to be explored, captured, yet left intact, as they were…

Thanks for having a browse 

Jessica E Duncan