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You are so incredibly present when you teach and guide, Jessica. I had a sense this was the case before I even signed up and it was true! I could see that you had made such thorough preparations for the course and you guided us each individually according to our needs and skill levels.

I was looking to find flow in my life again. For a year I had been running round and round in my mind in the same “thought-loops” and could never generate enough energy.  I had been going to a wonderful therapist to sort this out, but talking did not seem to work this time. Painting with you made all the difference; I feel as if the bubble has burst! Your workshop opened up released energy and opened up for new ideas and my flow is back!

A million thanks for your fabulous teachings!
I’ll be back!

Marie Sturesson

Massage Therapist, Göteborg

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 English text below!

Här på underflikarna hittar du olika Intentional Creativity workshops som jag erbjuder – på Gefion Art House och på webben. Här hittar du både tidigare kurser, de som går just nu eller kan gå ( ja man kan önska sig!) i framtiden, dvs litet av det jag har på menyn. Du finner också andra workshops här – exv en Mandala-kurs som hållits här. Det kan bli fler i framtiden. Just nu ligger vi lågt med kurser pga covid-19.

Jag kan skräddarsy en kurs för dig eller en grupp, med ett passande tema – allt från några timmar till en vecka lång.
Kontakta mig för att diskutera möjligheter och idéer.


Jag är öppen för en konversation om teman och tider om du inte hittar en kurs eller ett kursdatum som passar dig.


Hör av dig!



Here, on the sub-menu,  you can find past, current and future Intentional Creativity workshops that I offer – yes, you can wish or request a workshop! You will also find courses with guest teachers, for example, sometimes we have Mandala Painting teachers do a guest workshop. Right now we are not offering any courses because of covid-19, but we will be back when the time is right.


I can tailor a course for you individually or a group, with a theme that is suited to your need. It can be a few hours to a week long.


Contact me to discuss options and ideas! Let’s have a dialogue if you don’t find what you need or the date is wrong!


Get in touch!