Current Events

ONLINE COURSE  REGISTRATION temporarily closedonline courses will be back online later spring 2021:

  • The Gefion Art & Guest House BnB is currently not taking bookings. Rooms are rented out to long-term guests until further notice.


 Past Events

  • September 27-29 2019. Fall Painting Retreat. Mundekulla Retreat Center, Sweden. Jess E. Duncan leads and teaches, Grace Steenberg, Paqo & Art Doctor, Assists &  Leads ceremony.
  • June 29-July 4 2019. Summer Painting Retreat. Holberggaard, Vordingborg, Denmark. Grace Steenberg Leads and Teaches, Jess E Duncan, Assists & Art Doctors. 
  • 15-16 June 2019. Painting Weekend. Karlshamn Archipelago.
  • 24-26 May 2019. Painting Retreat. Risön, Bohuslän




Gefion Art & Guest House


Welcome to our Soul Work in progress.


We are Dr. Jessica E Duncan, Artist, Your Creative PT for a Kick-Ass Life/Director, and Neil Duncan, Wine-lover/High-School Principal, Partner and Co-Creator.

In April 2016, we became the proud owners of a tall yellow brick house from 1951 located on Gefion street No 1, of the beautiful Karlskrona Archipelago, Sweden. We named our house after our street, well, rather after Gefion, the Nordic Goddess who according to myth plowed so much land with her four oxen in Sweden that in the process she created both the big Swedish Lake Mälaren and the great Danish Island of Zealand. Understanding and adopting her as a powerful symbol of transformation and making something new, we felt she was an apt image to represent our house, ourselves and our business. We have settled here to make something new.

We have gradually transformed our beloved house into Gefion Art & Guest House, our Center for Creativity, Wellbeing & BnB. We offer Themed Group Coaching and Painting Classes, and we rent out two small cozy rooms with vegetarian breakfast. 

We run our house with the intention of manifesting our own kick-ass lives and loves because we take seriously the meaning of Intentional Creativity (IC), which is Jessica’s main method for coaching with creativity. We endeavor to practice it every day, applying it to our projects and actions.

We love meeting and connecting with people from all over the world as well as locals who come to us to seek beauty, nature, art, change and personal development. We love to entice our friends, family and guests with good coffee, bore people with our passion for South Australian wines, celebrate Scottish winter festivals like Burn’s Night, Hogmanay and St. Andrews Day and eat good food and laugh together.

We strive (yes it is not always easy!) to lead our lives from the perspective of excitement, and It is our hope that our enthusiasm will be ”infectious” and that giving others access to our house and the creativity tools Jessica teaches in her classes, will also show others, that they too, can achieve their goals and create their desired lives.

Please browse our website to see what we have to share with you. Perhaps we can attract you with a room one hundred meters from the beach, good coffee in the morning, a Red-Thread Café, or perhaps an in-person visionary painting class? If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We would love to hear from you. 



Jessica & Neil